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About Ten Mile Creek Revival, on the weekend of Kate Wolf Music Festival - Bluegrass and folk music festival, Northern California, Summer 2024



Welcome to Ten Mile Creek Revival, a family-friendly musical campout named after the scenic creek flowing through Black Oak Ranch. Join us for two nights of camping, two-and-a-half days of music, and a whole lot of joy! Immerse yourself in a specially curated musical lineup, camp under ancient oak and bay trees, take a refreshing dip in Ten Mile Creek, and connect with the vibrant Black Oak Ranch festival community.


Rooted in a 30+ year tradition of joyful events at Black Oak Ranch, including the recent Hog Farm Hideaway and coinciding with the traditional weekend of Kate Wolf Music Festival, the Revival invites everyone to sing, laugh, dance, and play. Bring the whole family for an unforgettable experience!

Family-friendly camping music festival in Mendocino County



The Revival will showcase a distinctive lineup of folk, bluegrass, and Americana artists, thoughtfully curated by Cloud Moss (Kate Wolf Music Festival), Biasha Mitchell (Hog Farm Hideaway and The Days Between), and Luna Oxenberg (Paper Moon Presents). This exceptional group of artists is set to inspire and uplift, promising a musical experience like no other.

Adding to the uniqueness of the event, expect special song sets and artist collaborations. The Revival Jam on Sunday morning will bring the festival to a close on a joyous and harmonious note, as artists join forces for a final musical high. Come prepared to raise your voice and be part of this musical celebration!

Bluegrass Music Festival, Music Events, Northern California



Black Oak Ranch offers a magical and intimate space for a musical weekend experience. Nestled in beautiful oak woodlands and meadows, the ranch provides the perfect setting to gather with friends and family. The festival campground is graced by Ten Mile Creek, featuring inviting swimming holes for everyone to enjoy.

As the home of the Hog Farm collective, Black Oak Ranch has a rich history of bringing the community together. Renowned for hosting iconic events such as the Hog Farm Pignic, Earthdance, Kate Wolf Music Festival, and the Hog Farm Hideaway, the ranch has become a cherished hub of communal celebration. The joyful family vibe experienced at Black Oak Ranch is truly one-of-a-kind.

Music Festival at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, Mendo, Northern California



The Confluence, a production company named for the convergence of Ten Mile Creek and Streeter Creek at Black Oak Ranch, is thrilled to bring you the inaugural Ten Mile Creek Revival. The Confluence specializes in creating unique live experiences at Black Oak Ranch.


Biasha Mitchell, Founder, is the former co-producer of the Hog Farm Hideaway and The Days Between festivals, as well as a second-generation Hog Farmer, the collective that owns Black Oak Ranch. Having grown up backstage at Grateful Dead concerts as part of the Bill Graham Presents family, Biasha has forged a lifelong career in the music business. She passionately believes in the transformative power of bringing people together through music to create joy and connection.

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