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Thank you for your interest! We have a limited number of food, craft, and non-profit vendor slots. Please see applications below.

Food Vendor Application

Craft Vendor Application

Non-Profit Application


Contact: If you have questions or need to communicate with our vendor coordinator, please email


INTERESTED IN BEING A EVENT SPONSOR? Check out our sponsorship opportunities HERE.


New Volunteers: Black Oak Ranch has many returning volunteers and volunteer slots will be limited. Please look out for an announcement for additional volunteer needs in April. Based on the fact that volunteer positions will be limited, we suggest purchasing a ticket now if you definitely want to attend.


Returning Volunteers: Coordinators will be reaching out to returning volunteers and filling their crews between now and April. Crew spots are not guaranteed, but keep a look out for a coordinator to reach out to you if they can use you on their crew. If you have volunteered recently at Black Oak Ranch and aren't sure who your coordinator might be, contact us here. We will be happy to forward your message to the current crew coordinator.

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