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Bluegrass music festival in Northern California, family-friendly camping summer music festival, Mendocino County, California


Ten Mile Creek Revival full schedule

Individual Stages

Black Oak Stage Schedule
Front Porch Schedule

OFFICIAL SOUND PARTNER: Meyer Sound. We are thrilled to collaborate with Meyer Sound as our Official Sound Partner, to bring you the best sounding festival you’ll find anywhere! Meyer Sound and Black Oak Ranch share a rich history steeped in rock & roll. World-class audio company Meyer Sound based in Berkeley, CA worked with the Grateful Dead for decades, providing audio solutions via touring production company UltraSound, LLC. The connection with Black Oak Ranch goes back to the beginning – when Jerry Garcia helped raise the initial down payment for Black Oak Ranch in 1987, playing the Electric on the Eel concert, it was Meyer Sound who provided the loudspeakers. The Ranch is owned by the Hog Farm, one of the longest-running communes in the US. The Hog Farm's connection with the Dead goes back just as far. Hog Famers worked backstage at Dead shows managing the infamous kids' rooms for the band and crew, and filled many other roles for the band along the way. This is a partnership made in Hog Heaven! Get ready for some seriously incredible sound coming from the Black Oak Stage in the Music Meadow.

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